New residents who want to be admitted to Dogwood Gardens Senior Living must have a physician’s report of physical examination completed within 30 days prior to admission on forms provided by Dogwood Gardens Senior Living. The physical examination must clearly reflect that the resident meets the qualifications for admission to a personal care home. The physical examination report must establish that a potential resident for our community does not require 24-hour skilled nursing care. The resident must also be tested for TB prior to admission.

For Admission, a potential resident must:

  • Be Ambulatory (including use of wheelchair, cane, or walker.)
  • Be free of communicable disease
  • Be able to feed themselves
  • Be continent
  • Be mentally stable
  • Not require continuous medical or nursing care
  • Have a local primary physician
  • Comply with medical plan of care
  • Be able to have needs met by our staff
  • Be compatible with other residents
  • Comply with the Rules and Regulations of Dogwood Gardens Senior Living